Helping Cirque du Soleil / Event

The Challenge: Cirque du Soleil are launching a new ‘experimental’ brand. The new brand will not feature acrobatics or circus arts. The company is struggling with new product development to help feed future productions.

By ΧΔΧ:  Alex Teller Apirat Infahsaeng Ashlee Virtue Bruno Nesci Christina Mannatt Connor Brownell Graydon Manzke Victoria Wrigley


Helping Harman / Branded content

The Challenge: Limited advertising budgets mean that JBL are struggling to make themselves seen and heard above brands like Beats and Bose that have much more spending power. What limited advertising dollars are available, tend to be used to promote new products and haven’t been spent on defining the brand for consumers. JBL needs to carve out a unique space for themselves, focusing on artists and music and experiential events in order to encourage consumer trial of what is critically ranked as a superior product.

By ΒΣФ:  Ian Carroll Jamie Ambler Kevin Bonaparte Mac Fisher Nei Valente Sheila Sheedy Stephanie Landry Veronica Anderson


Helping Bank of America / Experience

The Challenge: The Banking industry’s ability to recruit and retain the “best and the brightest” has never been tougher, as today’s recruits have different priorities from the newcomers of a decade or two ago. Banks now find themselves vying with VCs, Hedge Funds, and tech giants for candidates that also question their social responsibility and value training, development and personal growth more than money.

By ΠΑΡ:  Amanda Stewart Delaney Lundquist Don Forringer Jessica Lehmann Julie Hom Lindsay Catsavis Mitch Mondello Paul Wolfe